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Guardian Life - Benefits Behavior Reports

Guardian has been meeting employee benefits needs for over 50 years. To help brokers and benefit decision makers improve recruitment, retention and employee satisfaction by maximizing the use and power of their workplace coverage, Guardian is issuing a series of insightful reports developed based on market research with benefit decision makers and consumers. We invite you to download the reports to help you make the most of your benefit plans.

Download Reports by clicking links below:

    Spotlight on Benefits and the Economy
In the face of an economic downturn, employees place a high value on their benefit plans. This report focuses on employee attitudes towards benefits and the impact that benefit reductions may have on employers when the economy rebounds.
    Spotlight on Consumer Driven Health Care
This report provides insight into consumer attitudes about consumer driven health care, high deductible medical plans and Health Savings Accounts (HSA), The report highlights widespread misconceptions about the features and benefits of these plans including the tax advantages associated with HSAs. Consumers also reveal what employers can do to make them more likely to enroll in these plans.
    Spotlight on Group Critical Illness Insurance
This report provides insights into Americans' financial concerns if faced with a serious illness.The additional expenses consumers shoulder as they recover (including out-of-pocket medical and non-medical expenses) can threaten savings, increase credit card debt and trigger second mortgages, prompting interest in critical illness insurance as part of a workplace benefits package.
    Spotlight on Group Medical
This report provides insight into consumer attitudes toward health care plans and wellness utilization. The study shows that most employees find health care plans difficult to understand, highlighting an opportunity for education. The study highlights interest in alternative medicine and consumer-driven health care but limited use of wellness programs. While most believe wellness programs are effective in promoting good health, only half of these with access to a wellness program are enrolled.
    The Voice of American Business Owners and Benefits Decision Makers Today
To gauge ongoing challenges that American businesses face, we surveyed business owners and benefit decision makers at small, mid-sized and large companies nationwide. The findings provide a snapshot of how employers view themselves in the competitive landscape and what that may mean for employee benefit plans in years to come.
    Spotlight on Group Life & Disability Insurance
This report provides insights into the confusion among working Americans about employee benefits, and in particular life and disability insurance. A little investment in consumer education and a simplified benefits selection process can help convince Americans that, contrary to what they perceive, these benefits are generally affordable and easy to buy when offered through their employer.
    Spotlight on Dental
This report provides a snapshot of consumer thoughts and behavior regarding oral health. The study shows that 89% of Americans recognize the connection between oral hygiene and overall health and reveals oral health differences along gender and generational lines.