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  • New Small Group Rate for Blue Shield in July 2011

    New Small Group Rate for Blue Shield in July 2011

    Blue Shield Group Rate ChangeThank you for your continued support of Blue Shield. Now more than ever, Health Plans Online is committed to helping you manage and grow your business. To help you prepare for the third quarter renewal period, we’ve outlined below some key details:

    • February 18  a rate pass for new second quarter business. In addition, Blue Shield offered renewal date change options for your second and third quarter new and renewing groups.
    • The second and third quarter renewing groups may choose between two specific medical contract/policy (“contract”) terms. New business has contract term choices as well.
    • For the July 2011 rate cycle, your small group rates will increase, however, the average increases are lower than previous cycles with rate actions. Below are some highlights of this quarter’s rate increases1 :
    Plan Rate increase
    PPO (other than HSA-compatible)
    Dental, vision or life2
    • Detailed rates can be found obtained by contacting Health Plans Online.
    • By popular demand,  the RAF program is extended until December 15, 2011.
    • There will be no new benefit changes to medical or specialty products for third quarter 2011.

    For the latest information on our July 2011 rate cycle, please contact your Health Plans Online.

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