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  • How to Be a Slimmer Santa This Holiday Season


    Happy Holidays to everyone.  May you and your family enjoy the best in 2012!!

    In order to avoid the naughty list this season and possibly fit down the chimney, here are a few suggestions to avoid the tempting treats of the holidays:


    1. Avoid all the candy, cakes and sweets that you may be sent.  instead, sample from the fruit basket or have a handful of almonds.

    2. Limit the fattening meats and gravies on your holiday plate.  Why not have more vegetables instead?

    3. Get up and move!  It is so hard to want to be outdoors in cold winter weather.  If you cant go outside, why not try a few laps around the office hallway or a few sit-ups at lunchtime?

    4. Bring a healthy entree or salad to the next pot luck.  Your will be surprised how many people will really want to have something healthy as an alternative to all the heavy and fattening treats of the season.

    5. When baking or cooking, try low fat or sugar alternatives such as Splenda or apple sauce instead of sugar or margarine instead of butter.

    6. Try to de-stress and not expect so much of yourself.  It is so easy to fall off the healthy eating wagon when under stress.  Try yoga, walking or calling a friend instead of that cookie.

    7. Don’t wait for a New Years resolution, don’t even make them! Just try your best to maintain a healthy diet and exercise program.  Even if you slip and don’t work out for a while or gobble down junk food during the season or the year, its important to try again.  Better to not maintain for two weeks than two years, right?

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