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Online Management Reports

Cyntron offers a comprehensive package of easy-to-read reports. As a Cyntron client, you have the option of having a full set of printed reports delivered to your offices each pay cycle or, if you prefer, we can provide you with an entirely paperless payroll solution.

Leveraging cutting-edge online technologies, we have developed a paperless payroll solution that enables you to retrieve payroll reports online whenever you need them. Since we store all of your data and reports on our servers for seven years, you always have the ability to retrieve current and historical reports online in seconds. These electronic reports are in PDF format which not only protects your data, but also gives you the ability to email the reports to relevant parties. Whether you prefer a paperless solution or opt to receive printed reports each pay cycle, our reporting solution will handle all of your needs.

Our electronic reports module also allows you to run custom reports for whatever employee or date range parameters you may require, giving you the ability to have all of your company payroll information at your fingertips.


Online Payroll Services

Online Payroll Services

Your Online Payroll Service

Our partner, Cyntron Payroll Solutions, LLC is a premier provider of Internet-based payroll solutions and is dedicated to providing a high level of professional client service. Cyntron is not your typical payroll service bureau – Their management team is comprised primarily of former CPAs of Deloitte & Touche. This means professionals in accounting and tax matters are handling your payroll. What differentiates them from competitors are the audit procedures they perform on all payroll and tax work. While other payroll companies may not have any procedures in place to catch mistakes, Cyntron triple checks all of their work.

Founded by CPAs, Cyntron employees' professional service backgrounds have played a predominant role in forming their firm’s culture, providing quality products and professional client services above their competitors with great success. We would welcome the opportunity to provide you with a demonstration of our solutions.

100% online payroll services (other options available)
Real time payroll reporting
Flexible, comprehensive payroll reports
Complete Payroll Tax Management
Track employee benefit accruals
Store payroll records up to 7 years and make them accessible to you online
Pay your employees with options of paper check or direct deposit
Payroll and Tax Services

Cyntron’s proprietary Internet-based payroll software, WagePro™, is a leading-edge software application that offers the most advanced and up-to-date features and functionality available today. Since it is Internet-based, you can access our software from anywhere at anytime (24/7 accessibility). Of course, if you prefer, you can call or fax in your payroll data each pay cycle.

In addition, Cyntron provides you with the highest level of technical and client support, including the most recent software updates and handling all WagePro maintenance, hosting and security.

For your convenience, on the next tab we have provided a general description of just some of the features and services offered by Cyntron. If you are interested in learning more about our Cyntron payroll solution, please feel free to contact us (877) 472-4279 to set up a live demonstration of their software.


Benefit Accruals
Cyntron’s reporting module tracks, adjusts and restarts each employee's benefit and/or paid time off (PTO) accruals in accordance with your HR policy. In addition to comprehensive Benefit Accrual Reports, this information can be reflected on your employees' pay-stubs.

Employee Access
Cyntron offers a completely paperless payroll solution, including the ability to pay employees via direct deposit. Cyntron will send them an automated e-mail notification indicating they have been paid, and advise them they can login to view their pay-stubs. They will have the ability to view and print all "past" pay-stubs, benefit accrual information, vacation accrual data and W-2s.

Time and Attendance Solutions
In conjunction with a strategic partner, Cyntron is able to offer a Time and Attendance software module (with optional biometric time clock hardware ) that enables small to mid-sized organizations to automate the tasks of collecting, managing and reporting of employee attendance data. The Time and Attendance module seamlessly integrates with our payroll software application – The integration of the Time and Attendance module is fully bi-directional. This means that all of the “time punches” are imported directly into Cyntron’s payroll software without the headache of entering it twice.

If you prefer to retain your current legacy time and attendance system, Cyntron can build a bridge from your legacy system into our payroll software.

401K Reporting and Upload
In addition to comprehensive tracking and reporting of 401k employee deductions and matching employer contributions, Cyntron has developed automated upload features that interface with a number of national 401k vendors/providers. This feature enables you to electronically transmit your 401k data directly to your provider.

Cyntron provides world-class centralized management and monitoring, advanced redundant power systems and multiple levels of security, high-speed network connections and gigabit Ethernet connectivity.
Anytime you are logged onto our payroll software application, you will be in a 128-bit encrypted “secure session” that is established with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and verified by Industry standard certification technology. The Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol allows us to integrate the following essential features into our payroll application:

  • Confidentiality -- Your data is kept completely confidential by encrypting it with the strongest algorithms possible.
  • Integrity -- This insures that the data being transferred has not been modified in transit.
  • Authentication -- Enables us to ascertain that the proper end-user is communicating with our servers. By using digital certificates and public key security, Cyntron’s client and server applications can each be authenticated to the other.

In addition, all of our computer systems and equipment along with your data is stored at our co-location facility, Qwest Communications. Qwest’s facility provides: (a) Reliable connectivity to an extensive coast-to-coast broadband network, (b) Redundant emergency power to ensure operations in the event of utility failure, (c) Top-of-the-line fire-detection and fire-suppression systems to withstand disastrous conditions and protect Cyntron’s systems and equipment, (d) Indoor and outdoor security monitoring and biometric access screening and (e) Around-the-clock skilled support staff and security.

QuickBooks Integration
Cyntron has developed a customized interface that enables you to upload your payroll general ledger and your payroll check register directly into QuickBooks. This feature is also available in a CSV format for other popular accounting programs.

With the ability to customize your mapping in our payroll software, you can continue to use your current account setups/codes (unlike other payroll companies, our software does not require you to use our predefined account titles). Also, in our check upload feature, you can customize the memo line to your specific needs which will save you time by avoiding adjusting entries.

Tax Filing Services
Our fully integrated tax service seamlessly handles all of your payroll tax calculations, payments and reporting obligations. There are no additional fees; tax filing services are provided as a value-added benefit to our standard payroll service. Most importantly, you no longer have to worry about the financial liability for late payment penalties with taxing agencies. As long as you provide us with timely and accurate data, Cyntron takes the responsibility and liability associated with making your tax deposits and filings.

Domestic Employee "Nanny" Tax Reporting
Our solution also specializes in handling payroll services for domestic workers/household employees. These include, but may not be limited to, nannies, babysitters, drivers, housekeepers, health aides, private nurses, maids, caretakers, yard workers and similar domestic workers.

According to Internal Revenue Service (IRS) regulations and most state regulations, the nanny you hire may very likely be your employee for tax purposes. This makes you responsible for all applicable federal and state taxes. Our payroll service will provide you with all of the necessary information and forms to keep you in compliance.



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Our client had used Paychex assuming they were getting a good value until we offered to do a financial comparison. Here is a pricing comparison showing a 32% reduction in cost from Paychex.

We also set up an online demo so the customer could evaluate carrier's capabilities. The result? Now the customer is our satified payroll client...

Our partner offers a completely paperless payroll solution. This includes the ability to pay employees via direct deposit and receive an automated e-mail notification that they have been paid and may login to view their pay-stubs. No longer do you need to pay for couriers to deliver pay-stubs, employees can go to to our carrier's highly secure, password-protected Employee Module to view and print their pay-stub. In addition, your employees will be able to review their complete payroll history and update personal information. They will have the ability to view and print all past pay-stubs, benefit accrual information, vacation accrual data and W-2s.

pricing comparison
Let us calculate your company savings by calling (877) 472-4279 x116 today.


Workers' Comp Integration

XactPAY® is The Hartford's integrated payment service that calculates insurance premiums for a Hartford Workers' Compensation policy which amount is then withdrawn directly from your bank account every time you run payroll.

XactPAY® offers a unique and hassle free approach to paying for Workers' Compensation insurance. Rather than paying for insurance up to a year in advance and tying up vital cash, premiums are paid as you go one payroll period at a time!

Eligibility Requirements 

Your small business must:

  • Meet the Hartford's underwriting guidelines and purchase a Workers' Compensation policy from The Hartford
  • Run your payroll through Cyntron
  • Run payrolls on a regular, consistent basis (weekly, bi-weekly, etc.)
  • Have a checking account with EFT capabilities



Payroll Quote (1-30 employees)

Payroll Quote (31-60 employees)