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Online Benefits Management

Our system will help YOU succeed

How do you currently manage your benefits program? How do you communicate benefits information to your employees? How do your employees keep track of programs they are enrolled in?

By using our online benefits system, your answers to all of the above questions will be easier than ever. Your benefits package will be streamlined, with every member and every carrier tracked on your own personal site.

Valuable Human Resource time will be saved, as your HR staff will only have one place to go for all benefits changes they need to make. Not only that, but your company image will be improved when your employees realize how easy it is for them to log on and compare benefit plans, premiums, etc.

With all of your benefits accessible from one place and easier to manage than ever, your company's valuable time can be freed up to work on other projects.

This feature provides the employer with a login and each employee a separate login which can be accessed 24/7 from work or home.

Current users: Employers login here; employees login here.

Prospective clients: call 888-474-6627 for a demo