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Employer Services to make your life easy

We realize that small to mid size businesses need access to professional resources to assist them with day to day administration. Health Plans Online has partnered with the best in the business and can assist our clients in the following areas.

Human Resources (up to a $1,000 annual value)

We provide 24/7 access to a resource library free of charge. We can provide access to professional human resource individuals to help you resolve a personal conflict or help you setup or modify your employee manual.

Online Payroll (up to 40% savings from other competitors)

Having access to professionals and a quality online payroll system makes it an easy decision, especially when saving 30-40% compared to ADP and Paychex.

Online Benefit System (professional and saving your HR time)

Do you have employees working outside your corporate office? Would you like to reduce benefit questions to your Human Resouce department? Why not have an online benefit system to professionally present your benefit plans to your employees and dependents 24/7? We can help.

COBRA Adminstration (up to a $1,000 annual value)

We pay and provide an outside administrator for our eligible COBRA clients. Relieve yourself of this burden and legal responsibility.

Employee Hotline (priceless)

Our experienced staff can help you and your employees with difficult claims or benefit questions.

Pretaxed Cafeteria 125 Plan Assistance (See if you qualify for this free of charge)

We help you set up your Cafeteria Plan document which allows employees to pretax their insurance premiums. This not only helps your employees, but employers save on their FICA contributions. In California, pretax employee insurance deductions also reduces the employer's Workers' Compensation costs.

401k Planning Review (Free, no obligation)

We partner with 401k specialists who have extensive experience in assisting companies with set up and consultation. Compare your current retirement program and save! Take advantage of this free, no obligation review.