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Individual & Family Health Insurance - Under Age 65

Remember: Insurance rates are fixed by law, so you can't find better prices anywhere else. Our agents work for you, providing advice and ongoing service. Apply risk free, you may cancel your application at any time.

Individual health insurance is insurance you buy on your own, rather than having it provided by your employer.  Please examine your options carefully before declining group coverage or continuation coverage, such as COBRA, that may be available to you.  You should be aware that companies selling individual health insurance typically require a review of your medical history that could result in a higher premium or you could be denied coverage entirely.


When you apply for individual health insurance, the health insurance company uses a process called underwriting to look at your age, sex, and health history to decide whether it will cover you and how much it will cost to provide you coverage. Your height/weight ratio will also affect an approval or declination.

How long does it take for a decision?

Since individual plans may request doctor records for an applicant before a decision is made, it may take up to two months for a decision. Do not cancel any in-force coverage until you receive written approval & rates.