The Integrated MediComp Program

State law requires all employers to provide Workers’ Compensation Insurance. To assist you in meeting this requirement, Anthem Blue Cross and Employers Compensation Insurance Company have joined forces to offer Small Group Health and Workers’ Compensation Insurance in one convenient, affordable program.

Integrated MediComp provides employers of 2-50 employees a comprehensive 24-hour health care package that continuously covers members, whether on or off the job. Integrated MediComp includes:

Anthem Blue Cross Small Group Health Coverage

  • An extensive network of providers

  • Non-occupational illness or injury coverage

Workers’ Compensation coverage underwritten by Employers Compensation Insurance Company for industrial injuries or accidents

  • Medical benefits

  • Temporary disability benefits

  • Permanent disability benefits

  • Vocational rehabilitation

  • Death benefits

Integration of the coverage allows the employee’s network family physician to treat both personal illness and work-related injuries, and refer to specialists when necessary.  Centralizing medical treatment within one network reduces administrative paperwork and duplicate or unnecessary treatment so employees can return to work sooner. It also reduces the possibility of fraudulent workers’ compensation claims that ultimately increase costs to the employer.