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A severe disability can strike anyone at any time. That is why income protection provided through a group insurance policy is important to the owner(s) and employees as a means to provide a reliable stream of income for the disabled individual and his/her family. If still not convinced of the importance of this group coverage, check out the real-life stories posted on the Council for Disability Awareness web site. Since a crippling illness or injury can affect people differently, the best disability insurance policy is one that yields the most benefits in the greatest number of disability scenarios at a competitive price. 

At Health Plans Online we take the complexity out of evaluating which policies offer the most comprehensive coverage for the best value. With recent enhancements made to disability policies by insurers [STD & LTD – Recent Improvements] and premiums that are actually declining in many instances, now is an excellent time to review your existing policies.

Health Plans Online represents financially-sound insurance companies most of which structure their policies:

  • to be flexible in addressing unique disability situations,

  • to encourage early rehabilitation when approved by a physician,

  • to pay for modifications to the workplace to enable a partially disabled employee to return to work, and

  • to offer significant financial incentives to the individual to return to work as early as possible (even if on a part-time basis) when physically, emotionally and mentally ready.

These innovative approaches are a proven catalyst to help speed the claimant's recovery and enable him or her to return to a more normal vocational and personal life.

The importance of disability insurance cannot be understated. These policies:

  • Maintain an employee's standard of living and thus his/her dignity;

  • Protect employee's hard-earned assets from foreclosure or repossession

  • Provide a disabled employee with the freedom from financial worry to focus on his/her rehabilitation and recovery; and

  • Cover the cost of rehabilitative services and reasonable special accommodations at the workplace and perhaps at home.

For the employer already offering a short-term and/or long-term disability policy, a detailed review of your coverages may reveal gaps in coverage or the absence of recent innovations introduced by many reputable insurance companies. Taking a pulse of the marketplace by having our office obtain quotes from several reputable carriers can often result in reduced premiums and while at the same time enhancing the coverage.

Take a look at many of the Improvements to Short-Term and Long-Term Disability Policies by clicking here. Then call Health Plans Online today to request a review of your current policy(ies)