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Health Insurance Guides by State

Managing Medical Bills: Strategies for Navigating Health Care

applesIn August 2006, the National Endowment for Financial Education (NEFE, and Georgetown University's Health Policy Institute & collaborated on three guides to assist consumers in finding and keeping health insurance coverage.


These three guides are now available here for free.

These guides are in PDF format. You will need the latest version of the free PDF software to read and print these documents; you can download it here.

Book One, Understanding Private Health Insurance. (pdf file PDF format, 39 pages, 1 MB)

  • What is Good Health Insurance? What to Look for and What to Avoid
  • Special Worksheet to Help You Evaluate Your Health Insurance Choices
  • Insurance Transitions — What They Are and How to Navigate Them

Book Two, Medicare and Medicaid: A Health Care Safety Net for People with Serious Disabilities and Chronic Conditions. (pdf file PDF format, 40 pages, 948 KB)

  • When, Where and How to Apply for Social Security Disability Determination
  • An Overview of Medicare Parts A, B, C and D
  • Other Places for People with Disabilities and Their Families to Seek Medical Coverage
  • Directory of Medicaid Offices for Every State and Territory

Book Three, Options for Avoiding and Managing Medical Debt. (pdf file PDF format, 33 pages, 616 KB)

  • Places to Go for Free Health Care
  • You Can Negotiate with Your Doctor for a Discount on Medical Care
  • Answering Questions about Bankruptcy
  • What You Need to Know about Credit Reports and Credit Scores