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  • What Makes a Health Plan Enrollment Successful?

    Its not an easy task to hold open enrollment meetings for your employees, and its also not easy for your employees to make decisions regarding their health plan choices.  Most employees are nervous about making a  decision, since their election must remain in place for the entire plan year.  Wouldn’t you be nervous too?

    Below are some suggestions to assist you and your employees in making the best decision(s) regarding plan choices at open enrollment:

    • Allow employees adequate time to think about the choices and/or discuss the options with their family or providers.  One day or a weekend simply isn’t enough time.  Studies suggest that employees who are given three weeks to make a choice are 50% more likely to remain satisfied with their decision.
    •  Hold open enrollment meetings as far in advance as possible to the plan or carrier change.
    • Provide enough information regarding the plan choices available.  Research shows that employes can make an informed decision once they have an effective benefits education, with their personal questions addressed.  If at all possible provide printed information or access to information online.
    •  Personalized benefit statements can also help an employee to determine the amount they spend on insurance, and if this needs to be adjusted in light of their health care needs.
    •  Give employees the opportunity to ask personal or specific questions related to their health care needs.  Perhaps the enroller can remain on site to answer questions, or the employees can contact someone on their own time to ask questions.  Make someone available to your employees.

    Our staff at HealthPlansOnline.com can assist you and your employees with health plan choices and enrollment.  Please contact us at (888) 474-6627.


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