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  • What I Learned On My Winter Vacation

    Hello Amigos!  I have just returned from an eight day cruise on the Mexican Riviera.  Before you get too jealous, let me tell you I returned with a horrible case of the flu.   Feel better now?      

    While on a bus tour of Mazatlan, our driver, Carlos, was speaking about many of the buidings we saw on our drive.  He mentioned the private hospital and the public hospital.  I already knew that  Mexico has socialized medical care for its citizens.  I asked Carlos why there were two hospitals and what were the differences.  He explained that the private hospital was for those people who could not wait at least a week for care or needed a greater level of medical care.  The public hospital was for “everyone else”.  Naturally, there were costs associated with using the private hospital.   

    I found this really interesting.  I have Canadian relatives who do come here for medical care, since they do not want to wait for care under the Canadian system.  I have never heard about a private versus public hospital system in Mexico.  I have since done some research on this and have found that there are a few levels of care available to Mexican citizens based on their employment status.  While the quality of care on Mexico has improved greatly in the past 40 years, it still lags behind the care provided in the United States.  For those citizens who can afford the best care and those who want control over the care they receive, the private hospitals are an option.

    So what did I learn on my winter vacation?  That there is no place like home.  They may have better weather and margaritas in mexico, but we still have a better health care system.  Yes there is still a long way we have to go in regards to our insurance and health care systems, but we are still better off  in this country than our neighbors to the South.  Viva USA!!

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