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  • UHC – California Small Business (2-50) Rate Action – Effective May 1, 2011

     Effective May 1, 2011 the average statewide rates for new business will increase by approximately 3.3% for the PPO product and 0.6% for the HMO product. See following averages by area:  

    • Los Angeles and Ventura Counties: 1.5% decrease for HMO; 3.0% increase for PPO/HSA 
    • Orange County: 1.5% decrease for HMO; 3% increase for PPO/HSA 
    • San Diego County: 3% increase for HMO; 3% increase for PPO/HSA 

    For renewing customers, the average statewide annual rate increase is approximately 4% for HMO and 13% for PPO. See the Small Business 2-50 Product Catalog and Rate Guide below for more details. 

    Product Catalog 

    Rate Guide 

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