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  • Survey Shows Health Insurance Costs on the Rise

    According to a survey conducted by Kaiser Family Foundation Trust and the Health Research & Educational Trust, the cost of health insurance continues to climb for U.S. companies and workers, outpacing wage increases.  Annual family premiums for 2011 increased b 9% over the costs for 2010.  Single premiums rose 8% this year.

    U.S. health insurance, unlike other industrialized countries, is largely provided by employers. Although the latest Census found more Americans losing company-sponsored insurance, almost 170 million Americans were on employer-based plans in 2010.

    Kaiser and the Health Research & Educational Trust surveyed 2,088 randomly selected public and private employers large and small earlier this year.

    On average, employees are contributing 28%, or about $4,129, a year toward employer-sponsored family plans. That is 131% more than a decade ago.  Including employers’ contributions, the overall premium has increased 113% since 2001 to $15,073 a year.

    Employees, especially those employed by smaller employers, continue to join high-deductible health plans. Thirty-one percent of covered employees this year have to pay at least $1,000 in single plans before coverage kicks in, up from 27% last year.

    For more information on the survey please go to   http://ehbs.kff.org.


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