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  • Results of the California Health Care Foundation Survey Released

    According to the recently released 2010 California Health Care Foundation survey of health care trends, there are some significant changes to premium costs and employer contributions in 2010. 

    The annual survey, based on interviews with 805 California employee benefit managers,  includes the following findings:  

    • Sixty-nine percent of California employers  offer health coverage, identical to the national rate.
    • Health Insurance Premiums increased 8.1% in 2010, compared with a 1.8 percent increase in overall consumer prices.
    • Since 2002, premiums have increased 134.4%, more than five times the 24.5% rise in California’s overall inflation rate.
    • Single coverage premiums in California average $5,463 annually, a great deal higher than the national average of $5,049. Premiums for family coverage were $14,396.
    • Twenty-four percent of the employers surveyed paid 100% of the employee premium costs.
    • Twenty-eight percent of California firms either reduced benefits or increased cost sharing for employees in 2010 as a result of the economic downturn, up considerably from the 15% who did so in 2009.
    • Four percent of California employers now say they are very likely to drop coverage completely, compared to just 1% as recently as 2008.

    So what may happen in the future regarding health care for employees?  Some employers report that they are “very likely” to increase the portion of premiums paid by employees.  Four percent of respondents report that they probably will drop health coverage, compared with one percent of employers stating this in 2008.

    For the complete survey click here

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