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  • Property & Casualty Markets for Machine Shops

    Property & Casualty Markets for Machine Shops

    Machine Shops

    (SIC 359900)

    Machine Shops, also called metal job shops, perform the machining of cold metal to the precise size and shape with or without assembly into more complex and customized products. 

    There are over 22,000 machine shops nationwide with net sales over $26 billion for shipped products.

    Operations involve cutting, drilling, punching, shaping, shearing, planing, grounding, machining, welding, heat treating and tooling materials into the necessary size and shape.  The cutting, bending, shaping or stamping of aluminum may also be involved.

    Ineligible operations include:

    • Machinery manufacturing, repair or re-building
    • Foundries that do casting, molding, forging, or extrusion work

    BOP. Auto and Workers’ Compensation are available with the Hartford, Travelers, Main Street America and Zurich.

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