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  • New Health Net Next Generation Health Plans- March 2012

    займ на карту мгновенно круглосуточно Item 1: Health Net SmartCare – first innovation for 2012
    A pioneer in the creation of tailored networks, Health Net is evolving its Bronze plans and network into Health Net SmartCare. Your clients can get the advantages of a tailored network, expanded benefits and health incentives in one simple package.More ways to protect health:

    • Convenient CVS MinuteClinics;
    • Acupuncture and chiropractic services included as valued-added benefits; and
    • Health incentives to help employees be well and productive.

    More relevant to your clients:

    • Easy-to-understand, choose, and use HMO plans keep decision making clear and simple.
    • Sets employers up for the long-term. SmartCare is built to flex over time with planned expansions for 2012 (and beyond) in geographic coverage, prominent participating provider groups and other resources to match evolving employer and employee needs.

    Health Net SmartCare is the health care solution that employers can afford, employees will use, and both will value.

    Creating an easy migration from Bronze to SmartCare
    Effective March 1, 2012, Health Net will no longer offer Bronze or Bronze Choice to new groups. Groups currently enrolled in a Bronze plan will be:

    • Notified 90 days in advance of their renewal date by letter that explains the change.
    • Offered the option to choose any one or more of the new SmartCare plans (six for SBG, five for Large), or any other Health Net group plan.

    If a group wants to keep their plan design exactly as it is under their Bronze plan, they may do so by pairing those benefits with Health Net’s full HMO or Silver network.

    Health Net has the Health Net SmartCare broker guide including a crosswalk and plan overviews available to support you and your brokers in client conversations.

    Click here for SmartCare HMO Plans.

    Item 2: Lower SBG PPO Advantage plan rates – San Diego
    In conjunction with introducing SmartCare in San Diego (region 7), Health Net is also lowering rates for its PPO Advantage plans.

    Item 3: Salud expands into Kern county
    Health Net is expanding its Salud network with the addition of IPA Hispanic Physicians, which has eight PCPs and 74 specialists. The expansion makes Salud HMO y Más and Salud Mexico available to groups – both SBG and Large – in parts of Kern county effective March 1, 2012. More information and details about materials will be sent soon.

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