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  • MetLife’s 9th Annual Study of Employee Benefits Trends

    MetLife’s new Study of Employee Benefits Trends is full of the latest – and sometimes surprising – insights about employers and their employees think about benefits. And, it delivers unique perspective on how the benefits landscape is changing.

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    For example, you know that successful companies depend on a strong foundation of loyal and productive employees.

    However, this year’s Study reveals:

    • A workforce that has grown more dissatisfied
       and disloyal, to the point where a startling one in
       three employees hope to be working elsewhere
       in the next 12 months.
    • Yet, employers, perhaps focused on expense
       control and lulled by a period of low turnover,
       assume employees feel as loyal today as they
       did three years ago.

    Benchmarketing Tool

    Quickly compare benefits objectives and offerings — as well as employee attitudes — to those of similar companies and employee populations. View, print and download your results for your next presentation.

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