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  • Is Dental Insurance All That Important?

    Today I am writing to you through a pain pill induced haze.  Much better than the way I felt over the weekend, when tooth #30 finally gave out once again and decided to die in a very dramatic way – an abscess.  People say that a toothache is the kind of pain that “you wouldn’t wish on an enemy”.  I would.  But only if they were really, really bad. 

    But I digress.  I used to think that the only benefit to dental insurance is the discounts provided by either the access to the PPO  network  or by the selection of an HMO dentist.  This still is true, the discounts are worthwhile.  I now know that the $50 or so dollars I spend each month for dental coverage is far less that the amount I would have to pay on the full charges for the dental care I am now in process of receiving.  Since I still have my wisdom teeth (pun intentional), I will illustrate how having dental insurance will save me money on the bridge now being made to replace the teeth pulled or ground down yesterday. 

    Monthy Cost of Dental Insurance $50

    Annual Cost of Dental Insurance $600

    Maximum Annaul Benefit $1,500

    Full Charge for Bridge $1,500

    PPO Discounted Charge $1,200

    50% Patient Responsiblity (my cost) $600

    The amount I will have to pay for the bridge is the same amount I will pay for my dental coverage for this year.  If I didn’t have the coverage I would be reponsible for the full cost of the bridge, or $1,500.  Almost as painful as the abscess.

    So to answer the question, yes I do think dental insurance is important.  I think people dont realize the sense of having either dental insurance or auto insurance – both are considered as useless until something goes wrong. 

    Yes I am feeling better now.  I am grateful I have insurance – and the pain pills!

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