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  • How to find the actual cost of your prescriptions

    Everyone needs to reduce health insurance costs, and have been presented with a Health Savings Account option.  It may save you money, but if you take prescriptions, you will have to pay the full price of the prescriptions to satisfy a high deductible.  Insureds who are coming off a plan with prescription copays do not know the actual cost of their prescriptions.  They just know the $30 prescription copay.  PillBot.com is an excellent resource to identify the actual cost for your prescriptions.

    Searching for the “Best” Rx price has never been easier! Simply visit www.PillBot.com and type the name of the medication in a box like below and click submit. You may also conduct your search alphabetically at PillBot.com.

    I did a search on the cholesterol drug, Zocor.  Here are the results.  The first line  shows 30 pills each 80 mg for $115.87 or $3.82 per pill.

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