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  • Finding Dr. Right

    As Consumers, ,most of us spend more time and effort researching the latest television sets for purchase than we do in finding the best doctor for our medical care.    Isn’t our health worth the effort?  Below are some tips to help you find the best medical providers:

    1. ASK YOUR FRIENDS AND WORK COLLEGUES WHO THEY SEE FOR MEDICAL CARE.  Your firends and work associates will often be the most honest, as they do not stand to gain from any recommendation, and will often care enough about your welfare to be honest about any faults or issues the provider may have.

    2. ASK YOUR CURRENT PHYSICIAN.  This works best if you need a specialist, or if you ar transitioning a child from a pediatrician to an internist or GP.  Doctors usually know the scuttlebutt on who is the best in their fields.

    3. CONTACT A TEACHING HOSPITAL.  As with #2 above, they usually know who is a good physician.

    4. USE THE INTERNET.  There are many websites devoted to physician reviews, such as ratemds.com and vitals.com.  Keep in mind that most people comment on these sites when they are dissatisfied with a provider, and not to commend one.  It would be good to know if there are many complaints, so you can avoid this doctor.

    5. CONTACT AN ADVOCACY GROUP.  Organizations such as The American Cancer Society will be able to advise who is the best in their field, as they work closely with physicians and are on top of the latest research and advancements.

    6. DO A BACKGROUND CHECK.  Contact the Federation of State Medical Boards at fsmb.org  for information on licensing and complain history.  Also check out the American Board of Medical Specialties at abms. org to check board certification status.

    7. GO WITH YOUR GUT. Since you may be spending a lot of time with this person, you have to feel that you are a team and that you can work together.  You know who you feel a kinship with, and who you dislike.  If you don’t like the doctor, don’t use him/or her as your provider!  Can you imagine being sick and vulnerable, having your health and future in the care of someone you don’t like?

    Of course, any doctor you choose doesnt have to be your provider for the rest of your life.  As your needs change you may also want to reconsider your choices.  Do not be afraid to change doctors.  As in life, not every relationship is meant to be permanent.  If you were meant to stay with the same doctor all of your life, there would be many elderly patients at the pediatrician’s office. 

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