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  • Create Wellness in Your Workplace

    We know this wont be easy, even companies praised as the role models and have won awards for their workplace wellness plans have issues with getting their employees to take an active role in working toward wellness.

    Below are some ideas to help you work with your employees in creating a plan to help them WANT to adopt a healthier lifestyle.:

    1. Create a sense of urgency. This is really the best way to start any program for change.  If you forcast your own company’s health care costs for the next 10 years using current trends, including the additional cost of complying with the health care reform., this will definitely show you that this is a program that shouldn’t be excluded.

    2. Set up a guiding coalition.  In order for a wellness program to be successful, the management and leadership of the Company MUST believe in the benefits of a wellness program for all employees.

    3. Develop a vision and strategy. Ask yourself what you want to accomplish and how you plan to initiate change.  A few samples questions are below:

    * How have your employees’ behaviors changed?

    * What foods are being offered in the canteen and in nearby restaurants?

    * Are coworkers meeting over lunch to exercise?

    * How has the changed work environment impacted you personally?

    * Do you more effectively manage your own biometric values?

    * How do employees use the benefits provided by the company and where do they find the best medical service at the lowest cost?

    * Who is in charge of your health and well-being now?

    4. Let your employees know what you want to change. Now that you know what you want to accomplish, let your employees know too!  Remember, nothing can be changed without awareness and cooperation.

    5. Take action. Remove the barriers in place in order to start the process.  Look at the long range picture and gaols.  For example, there may be costs associated with promoting a healthier lifestyle, such as higher costs for healthier food in the vending machines, or the charges from a fitness trainer.  Ultimately, these costs will be less than they costs assicated with inactivity and obesity.

    6. Look for gains but know that this may take time.  Creating a healthier lifestyle and seeing the results may take time.  There may be some measurable short term goals that you can find and promote in order to retain the momentum.  For example, can you track weekly weight loss?

    8. Keep Going! Long-term success can only be accomplished if you continue to work on maintaining the successes you have achieved. 

    A true measure of the creation of a culture of health is when the majority of the workforce is maintaining healthy lifestyle choices even in the absence of any company initiatives or incentives.

    Adopting a healthier lifestyle benefits everyone in the workplace.  Employees are in better health, feel happier and are more productive.  As an employer you will benefit from the increase in productivity and the decrease in medical plan and Workers’ Compensation plan costs.  This truly is a benefit plan where EVERYONE benefits!

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