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  • Changes to Anthem Blue Cross Large Group Portfolio

    Anthem Blue Cross of California has made some exciting changes and are introducing new plans to their Large Group portfolio for business with 51 or more employees.

    Effective October 1, 2011, these new plans include:

    • NEW BC Exclusive PPO plans — offers HMO-like benefits using the BlueCard PPO provider network for non-California employees.
    • NEW Advantage Plus HMO plans – an additional option for Advantage HMO on the Select Plus HMO Network
    • Lumenos HIA plans — available to Pooled business in addition to Non-Pooled.
    • NEW Premier PPO plans to offer more choice.
    • NEW pharmacy plans to complement certain medical plans in Pooled business. (Non-Pooled business continues to have a choice of pharmacy plans).

    Some of their other changes include:

    • Adjusted benefit structures to their HMO and PPO-type plans to make their plans more cost-effective.
    • Simplified plan choices — to meet today’s needs.
    • Logical product downgrade options.
    • Demarketing of non-competitive, duplicative plans.
    • Benefit changes — to maintain affordability and consistency between plans

    Highlighted links are pdfs that show their HMO plans, PPO plans, CDHP plans and the RX plans that are effective October 1, 2011 And a Benefit Modification Grid that explains what benefit changes they are making to their plans. предложения банков по кредитованию

    As theye have demarketed some of their plans and have also renamed some, attached is a crosswalk brochure Quick Reference Guide illustrating the demarketed plans and corresponding suggested replacement plans, as well as the former and new plan names.

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