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  • Carrier announcements – extended coverage up to Age 26 dependents before the required 9/23/2010 date.

    Carrier announcements – extended coverage up to Age 26 dependents before the required 9/23/2010 date.

    Note: Details may not yet be available from each carrier about rates, ID cards, or items that have not been clarified by Health and Human Services Regulations.

    This information is subject to additional information/clarification from a Carrier.

    Note that this would not include reinstatement of dependents who previously aged out of their plan. It also does not affect dental, vision, standalone pharmacy or other benefits.

    For individual and small group medical plans (as defined in state law), Aetna will continue coverage effective June 1, 2010 for dependents under age 26 currently covered on a parent’s medical plan. Aetna will not change the plan’s premium until renewal.
    For fully insured larger groups, and for all self-funded medical plans, Aetna will offer the option of expanding medical coverage for dependents under the age of 26 currently covered on a parent’s medical plan, effective on or after June 1, 2010. This would include dependents who would have aged out on May 31, 2010. Aetna will provide pricing for this plan design change, as appropriate, for plans that choose this option.

    Blue Shield of California will allow existing covered Blue Shield dependents up to age 26 to remain on their parents’ plan starting June 1, 2010. This applies to IFP (Individual and Family Plans) and group coverage.

    The extension applies to dependents covered on a Blue Shield plan who are scheduled to age out of their parent’s plan (or no longer full time student) as of June 1st or later. Blue Shield is not offering this extension for new dependents that enroll June 1st or later. This extension of coverage applies only to those who currently have Blue Shield coverage and would lose that coverage during the gap between June 1st and the effective date of the new law.

    Blue Shield will not allow re-enrollment of dependents that have already dropped off the plan. If a dependent is not currently covered (as of June 1, 2010) by Blue Shield of California, he/she is not eligible for the continuation of dependent coverage to age 26. All other dependents will be offered this coverage when the new law takes effect beginning on or after September 23, 2010.

    Employers have the option of continuing coverage for adult dependents up to age 26 who are currently enrolled on their parents’ health care policies.

    The option of keeping adult dependents on their parents’ policies is effective immediately.

    UHC will extend health coverage that graduating college students have under their parents’ fully insured plans until the new health reform provision requiring dependent coverage up to age 26 is fully implemented.The dependent college graduate must not have access to other employer-sponsored coverage. For fully insured members, if dependent spouses of graduating college seniors are covered under an existing UnitedHealthcare policy they are eligible for continuing coverage.

    This offer to extend coverage applies to students who currently are covered under their parents’ fully insured plans through UnitedHealthcare, as well as those covered under UnitedHealthcare’s Golden Rule individual family health plans. UHC will work with fully insured clients to carry out the extension of coverage and to make sure these young adults have health coverage available to them. UHC will also work with self-funded customers to determine if they are going to offer this benefit to graduating seniors. Individual health plans from Golden Rule Insurance already allow all dependents to stay on the plan until age 26, so no action is necessary for those health plan enrollees.

    Following is excerpted from the the Kaiser Family Foundation about Dependent Child coverage: http://healthreform.kff.org/

    The health reform law will allow qualifying young adults whose parents have private group and non-group health coverage to remain on their parents insurance policy up to age 26. Both married and unmarried young adults can qualify for the dependent coverage extension. The law also specifies that young adults can only qualify for dependent coverage through group health plans that were in place prior to the dependent coverage provision taking effect if they are not eligible for another employer sponsored insurance plan. The Secretary of Health and Human Services will issue regulations that will further define who will be considered a dependent eligible to remain on a parents health insurance policy and will answer the following questions:

    • Can working young adults qualify?
    • Do qualifying young adults have to live in the same state as the parent whose insurance will be providing the coverage?
    • Are you adults required to be students in order to qualify?
    • Can married young adults qualify for he extension for dependent coverage through their spouse’s parent’s plan?

    The dependent coverage extension takes effect on September 23, 2010. At that time, when insurance plans start a new plan year, they will have to abide by the new dependent coverage rules . The law stipulates that the dependent coverage extension is effective for new plans years beginning on our after September 23, 2010. Regulations that will be issued before the provisions takes effect in September 2010 will provide further clarification regarding enrolling in extended dependent coverage.


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