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  • An Employer COBRA Quiz!

    Since one of my favorite game shows is Jeopardy, it stands to reason that I just love quizzes.  Since I know that many of you also love Jeopardy, lets play round one with the only subject being COBRA.  You do not need to answer in the form of a question.

    Q:. Can Continuants receive the same benefits they had while an active employee?

    A: Continuees can have the the same benefits that are available to active workers. If an employer decides to change for active workers, then the new offerings must also be available to COBRA particpants.

    Q: Can the COBRA spouse of a participamt continue on COBRA after divorce?

    A: No.  If the husband was not on the active coverage, and he was added to COBRA after it started, then he is not eligible for a second qualifying event.

    Q:  What are some common COBRA mistakes?

    A:  They can include:

    *Not sending the Initial Right Notice

    *Not sending the Qualifying Event notice

    *Not maintaining accurate archives

    *Making a decision simply because it “feels right”

    *Making exceptions

    *Not maintaining an accurate, up to date policy and procedure manual

    *Overlooking the COBRA continuants at annual enrollment

    Q: Should an HR Manager answer an inquiry regarding COBRA prior to obtaining all the facts and answers?

    A:  No.  This one is a trick question.  Anything the HR/benefits manager says before reviewing the worker’s COBRA files may be inaccurate, and that’s a compliance liability for the employer.  Many things changed in the COBRA world in 2004, especially with coverage election and general notice letters. The new regulatory guidelines improved, in part, how an employee was required to notify an employer about a qualifying event, such as a divorce or a child who is no longer eligible for coverage as a dependent.

    For more information, please refer to www.dol.gov/ebsa or contact our office at (888) 474-6627.

    Thank you for playing!



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