Anthem Blue Cross of California July 2010 “Small Group” Rate Change

Anthem Blue Cross of California July 2010 “Small Group” Rate Change

Since May of 2009, Blue Cross has had the follwing quarterly rate adjustments*:

  • July 2009 – 0%

  • October 2009 – 0% or slight decrease  

  • January 2010 – 4.0%

  • April 2010 – 4.7% 


July 2010 “Employee Elect”  

  • PPO 1.4%  
  • HMO 1.1%  
  • CDHP 5.2%  

EmployeeChoiceTotal 3.5%  

BeneFitsTotal 3.5%  


Total Average Quarterly Increase: 1.9% 

There will be no benefit changes to current Small Group Medical Plans.

*These rate adjustments are averages and will vary by plan and region. 

HSA Compatible Plans – Embedded vs. Aggregate Deductibles

HSA Compatible Plans – Embedded vs. Aggregate Deductibles

Most Qualified High Deductible Health Plans (QHDP) eligible for Health Savings Accounts (HSA) do not have the separate (embedded) individual deductible per person like conventional PPO plans.  Employees who just cover themselves are not affected by “aggregate” family deductibles, however those who cover any dependents should take a close look whether their health plan will require their family to meet the full family deductible before benefits are payable.  When given a choice, “embedded” deductibles provide better coverage for those covering dependents assuming all other benefits are the same.  Below is a list of California small group HSA compatible plans identifying whether they have embedded or aggregate deductibles.  I hope this helps!

Effective May 1, 2010

Embedded Deductible: 
Each covered family member only needs to satisfy his or her individual deductible, not the entire family deductible, prior to receiving plan benefits. 

Aggregate Deductible: For Family coverage, the entire Family Annual Deductible must be met before co- pay or coinsurance is applied for any individual family member.

MC HDHP $2000 80/50 - aggregate
MC HDHP $2500 80/50 - embedded
MC HDHP $3000 100/50 - embedded
MC HDHP $3300 80/50 - embedded

Blue Shield
Shield Savings Plan 1800/3600 - aggregate
Shield Savings Plan 2000/4000 - aggregate
Shield Savings QS 2000/4000 - aggregate
Shield Savings Plan 2250/4500 - aggregate
Shield Savings Plan 2500 - embedded
Shield Savings Plan 3000/6000 - aggregate
Shield Savings QS 3000/6000 - aggregate  
Shield Savings Plan 4800 - embedded
Shield Savings QS 4800 - embedded

Standard HSA 2000 - aggregate
Standard HSA 3000 - aggregate
Standard HSA 4000 - aggregate
Value HSA 1500 - aggregate
Value HSA 2500 - aggregate
Value HSA 3500 - aggregate
Value HSA 4500 - aggregate 

United Healthcare
Choice Plus Definity HSA 1500/80% Plan Z6-Q – aggregate
Choice Plus Definity HSA 2000/100% 5E-Naggregate
Choice Plus Definity HSA 2000/80% Q3-Maggregate
Choice Plus Definity HSA 3000/100% – 5E-Oaggregate
Choice Plus Definity HSA 3000/80% – 5E-Laggregate
Choice Plus Definity HSA 4000/80% – 5E-Maggregate
Rx 15/35/60 Plan - 0IV - Applies to all UHC HSA’s

Property & Casualty Markets for Machine Shops

Property & Casualty Markets for Machine Shops

Machine Shops

(SIC 359900)

Machine Shops, also called metal job shops, perform the machining of cold metal to the precise size and shape with or without assembly into more complex and customized products. 

There are over 22,000 machine shops nationwide with net sales over $26 billion for shipped products.

Operations involve cutting, drilling, punching, shaping, shearing, planing, grounding, machining, welding, heat treating and tooling materials into the necessary size and shape.  The cutting, bending, shaping or stamping of aluminum may also be involved.

Ineligible operations include:

  • Machinery manufacturing, repair or re-building
  • Foundries that do casting, molding, forging, or extrusion work

BOP. Auto and Workers’ Compensation are available with the Hartford, Travelers, Main Street America and Zurich.

2010 Health Reform

2010 Health Reform

On March 23, 2010, President Obama signed into law the comprehensive health reform legislation, the Patient Protection and Affordability Act.

The summary reflects provisions of the new law, and changes made by subsequent legislation, including provisions to expand coverage, control health care costs, and improve the health care delivery system.

Summary (.pdf)